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The Science of Happiness and Success

Mental Health Treatment Consultation, One-on-one Coaching, Individual and Group Psychometric Assessments to create sustainable performance.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Over 25 years of experience, Damian uses a unique combination of science-backed skills, tools and insights to tailor your needs and empower you to make positive changes in your life!
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Sessions and Workshops


People Impacted Positively


Science-based Approaches

Benefits to Your Life, Health & Career

Discover your Life Purpose

Life & Career Transition

Learn how to let go of thoughts and unwanted aspects of your life and how to start your journey down a new road.

Personal and Group Assessment

Access the latest Neuroscience, Leadership and Personal Development Assessments to help you evolve to that next level, based on your own personal data.

Get Unstuck !

If you’re in a life ‘rut’ then learn how to break-out of feeling ‘stuck’ and start to gain momentum with doing the things important to you in life.

Feeling anxious, depressed or personally struggling

We use the latest psychology practices known to improve mental health in a safe and confidential environment.

Get Happy & Stay Happy

Learn how we have the happiness and success formula backwards. Learn how to stop struggling, how gratefulness & value-based action achieves happiness in your life.

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Choose to be Happy and Succeed in Life!

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  • Who will this program suit?

    Anyone who is stressed, at a crossroad in life, unhappy, experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, frustration. Perhaps you have gone through a break-up or significant changes in life. Or simply just want to improve your wellbeing or get ahead in life quicker.

  • If you are successful but not happy or well?

    Learn strategies and techniques that can make success sustainable for you and those around you.

  • Do our programs work?

    Yes. Based on 7 different sciences our programs and coaching include Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Additionally, Psychometric Assessments provide deep insight into your own behaviour and thinking style to create your personalised program.

  • Do I have to know anything about science or mental health?

    No. We equip you with the knowledge you need and the techniques that we share with you are practical. You will also be supported throughout your journey to sustainable happiness and success.

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Are you experiencing the following?

Struggle, Feeling Stuck, Anger, Grief/Loss, Relationship Issues, Anxiety,
Depression, Career Issues, Self Doubt, Lack of Self-worth or Unhappy?

Do you want to change your outlook on life?

Consider attending this program for the following reasons:
Wellness, Success, Career Development, Self Improvement, Transformation or a New Experience

Successful Outcomes

May 24, 2024

Winner GSEA, Student Entrepreneur of the Year Australia 2008

Winner GSEA, Student Entrepreneur of the Year Australia 2008
Sep 15, 2015

Prestigious Award Granted

I’m privileged to announce that I have won the Barry Fallon Award for the Best Thesis at Deakin University, Masters Program 2014, Organisational Psychology, entitled “The effect of leadership style ...

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