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About Science of Success and Happiness

Meet the founder

Providing you with a mental attitude to succeed in your life – Science of Happiness and Success.

I’m an Organisational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Board Approved Psychologist Supervisor and Founder of The Science of Happiness and Success. I combine a very unique blend of the latest Science from the fields of Psychology, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and even Quantum Physics, with Eastern Practices such as Mindfulness and Metaphysical perspectives to find the right balance for you to achieve what you are seeking to improve.

I’ve had my own businesses as well as worked in companies ranging from start-ups to some of the world’s largest global organisations, across many different industries and sectors.

My approach is effective whether you are seeking to improve your mental health or greater success in business and life.

Damian Panozza, Founder

Science of Happiness and Success

For Individuals seeking improved Mental Health

For Individuals seeking improved Mental Health

I help you build Psychological Flexibility to cope with and adapt to life and work’s challenges. This process will allow you to identify and solve your real problems, improve relationships, and start to build a life that feels aligned with who you really want to be. Maybe you are seeking to reduce stress in your life, feelings of anxiety or depression, burnout or wanting to detach from unwanted thoughts or feelings arising from the past. I also work holistically with you because ‘things are connected’ so let’s work together to restore balance into your life.

For Individuals and Teams seeking greater success and performance

For Individuals and Teams seeking greater success and performance


Having been successful working as an Executive Leadership and Culture Coach for many years I co-design programs that utilise assessments and Neuroleadership strategies to build high performance in individual Leaders and their teams. I am an accredited Nueroleadership Coach as well as accredited in many of the business world’s most trusted people development systems such as Human Synergistics, DISC, Saville and Hogan. Contact me to discuss your personal challenges and I will provide you with a planned way forward to achieve results.